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A Step Toward Ultimate Software Efficiency – Tucson Spin


Tucson Spin Group is dedicated to finding best possible solutions and practices when it comes to software engineering and system improvements. The basic idea of Spin or Software and Systems Process Improvement Network lies in creating open idea exchange and discussion in attempt of finding best practices and strategies in the industry. As such, Tucson Spin Group is fully dedicated to the original cause of the Spin Network, constant improvement of informatics systems and software engendering.

Why Should You Join Tucson Spin?

wayne_cheng_and_jeff_elston-595If you are a software developer or system engineer, joining a Tucson Spin will help you in many ways. The local community and founders of local Software and Systems Process Network are fully free to accommodate ways of practical implementations. Therefore, you may found that Spin Networks may differ one from other in different regions. One thing is, however, a common, Software and Systems Process Network is made of highly skilled experts from various industry sectors that include consultants, government employees, and academic teams. There is a desperate need for a constant increase of Spin Groups on all levels,  all around the globe, as such highly professional teams will have a positive effect in finding a possible software solutions for specific problems. At this moment, there are more than 160 Spin Groups that are connected into huge, global group dedicated to open discussion and constant improvement.

Spin – The Future of IT business

shutterstock_187537319_750x500We are all witnesses that IT industry grows exponentially almost every day; it is impossible to learn and follow all new programming languages or system improvements. Modern technology and software progress forced us to go into segmentation, as IT experts we must choose a narrow field and try to learn everything that we can if we want to stay on a stage. Still, it is not enough, the pace of modern software developing is too fast, a speed that forces us to further segmentation and the urgent need for creating highly specialized groups. Tucson Spin Group is such Network that is trying to create an atmosphere of free information flow, where best practices may be shared among IT experts and applied in specific situations.

Free Flow of Information

Spin members are dedicated to finding best possible implementation of systems, a task that is noble, but not so easy to be implemented on daily basis. Therefore, an open forum is the best place for exchanging such ideas and experiences. Another Spin goal is to create low-cost training possibilities for software engineers. It is an extremely important step, and huge task as global software market is constantly changing and evolving.

Therefore, Tucson Spin Network may help you to be in direct touch with the latest solutions and best practices in your specific area of expertise. Free flow of information among members is necessary as now one can examine such huge amount of information on daily basic. Therefore, a selected group of highly skillful experts may be extremely helpful. In that sense, we may freely say that Software and Systems Process Improvement Network is a future of IT business.

Advanced software – Tucson Spin

Since the middle 90s business process management – BPM (Business Process Management) has been one of the more commonly argued topics, both in management as well as in IT circles. The reason for this is not only a trend, which is very often the case but the nature of BPM itself. The main advantage of BPM system compared to standard workflow mechanism is the possibility that all necessary actions are defined in the process, without unknown or unrelated segments, at the level of the entire company.
Drawing-Process-SmallThe process begins by defining the processes in the company and their designing with the appropriate graphic tools. Each step can be assigned to employees who need to execute it (one or more), the time for each to is completed, any eventual conditionality and all documents related to the step or process. Documents, except the hard disk, can also be downloaded from Open Text Document Management or SAP ERP solutions. Also, it is possible to define the appearance and content of the page with the details, meaning that employees always have access to all the information they need to make their part of the job faster and better so they can complete it more quickly. As a good example, you can check out this Miami local business, which is using BPM at its best.
So, the primary purpose of the system is not easily to copy existing processes into electronic form, but rather to reach a maximum of the digital environment’s potential. It means that workers do not come into a situation where they don’t know what exactly their job is, and what exactly they need to do when something needs to be done, or what is the information necessary to be passed further and whom. software-developmentOpen Text BPM at any time gives users an overview of all the tasks they need to perform. It also enables them to review the whole process so that everyone is aware of the complete process, and therefore they will be familiar with the reason why it was given a specific task to them and whom will be sent the result of his work. extreme-software-defined-networkingAlso, as worker marks his task as completed, the defined process automatically continues. It is a very important difference compared to the classic system of defining the process on the paper, where workers generally have no information about the whole process and whom they should pass on their results, and they are bringing it back to one from whom they get their task, leading to a permanent task of returning backward and losing time. So, certain actions in the system are activated automatically, forwarded to the right people, with all the necessary information.
Sometimes companies go for the search for tools that will help them. For example – SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), EA (Enterprise Architecture), BPA (Business Process Analysis), Performance Management, Risk Management, Compliance, etc. Today, the business processes are sneaking through each of the mentioned themes. Not only it is quite clear that each of these topics in some way refers to the topic of BPM, but it is also possible to conclude that it was the design of business processes what is necessary for a quality approach to each of these topics.